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GET FIT TO A TEE! booK a tee tiMe M Led by Bronson Wright (inset), The Club Fix sets up shop on the course at Monarch Beach. Personal aPProach The Club Fix takes custom club making to the next level onarch Beach Golf Links' year-long partnership with The Club Fix has brought custom club fitting right to the course – and its popularity has taken the company's personalized Golf Magazine "Top 25" approach of club tailoring to the next level. "We are turning the clock back a little bit on club fitting," says Bronson Wright, founder and CEO of The Club Fix. "Back when there were only wooden clubs, craftsmen would fit each individual club to the golfer, but the golf community has gotten away from that with the mass production of clubs. We are try- ing to incorporate the old way of fitting individual golfers with new technology." Wright got his start working at Bridgestone Golf, where he began tailoring clubs for pros like Fred Couples, Stuart Appleby, and Nick Price. Monarch Beach provides a unique opportunity for The Club Fix in that sessions take place on the course on the 1st and 18th holes. Through state-of-the-art Trackman Golf equipment, The Club Fix tests various metrics like shaft flex, torque, length, and face angle in order to see which types of clubs fit the golfers' swing best. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CLUB FIX "It's impossible for club manufacturers to make clubs that work for every golfer, and so we partner with them and fill that void," Wright said. Advanced players can tweak their game with customized clubs, average players will be able to hit the ball more consis- tently, and beginners will play with greater confidence in their equipment. "Like every facility we open, we try to create a win-win for us and the golf course," says Wright. "Monarch is no different, the response has been extremely positive." FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO SCHEDULE A FITTING, CALL THE CLUB FIX AT (714) 708-3037

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