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Monarch Beach Golf LInks in Orange County

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Monarch BeachComber • Winter 2018 proMotions Chris Vizzi is a Partner and Co-Founder with South Coast Investment Advisors, LLC. >>> Can you tell us a little about your business accomplishments? South Coast Investment Advisors is getting ready to celebrate our 10th year in business, which is really hard to be- lieve. It's been such an amazing ride so far and awesome to see how far we've come over that time. Since helping start the firm in 2009, I've gotten married and had three beautiful children and the business continues to grow every year. We just hosted our 10th Annual South Coast Summit in September, an annual full-day wealth management event at- tended by over 150 clients, 15 presenters in the top of their respective fields with topics that are relevant for today's in- vestor, in coordination with UC Irvine. In 2013, I helped launch The LIFT Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 dedi- cated to ending the cycle of poverty in Orange County, where there is a huge disparity between the rich and poor. LIFT is a major reason I've gotten so close to Monarch Beach Golf Links, where we just hosted our 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament and had our most successful event to date. More recently, in January 2018, I launched Provizion Sports and Enter- tainment, a division of South Coast specifically geared toward the needs of professional athletes and entertainers. We held our first Sports Finance Summit in July to help educate these talented young men and women on how to be better businessmen and businesswomen. I'm also very proud to be a Certified Financial Planner as well as a registered advisor with the NFLPA. u u u Tell us more about The LIFT Foundation. LIFT is really a platform for family, friends and colleagues to make an im- pact in our community. Through some amazing supporters, we've helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local outreaches in the OC and sur- rounding areas. We now have six differ- ent partnerships including: The Mercy Warehouse, a local food bank in Aliso Viejo that feeds over 1,000 people per week; Project Self Sufficiency (PSS), a four year degree scholarship program that helps get single parents back on their feet and break the cycle of poverty for their families; and Precious Lambs, the only free preschool for homeless children in Long Beach, for many of these kids this is the only safe place they have ( The 6th Annual Charity Golf Tourna- ment this past October at Monarch raised almost $60,000. LIFT is completely vol- unteer run, so every penny we raise goes right back into the community. This holi- day season we also hosted a bike drive where we were completely blown away by people's generosity, we had 40 bikes donated in the first two days. In summer of 2019 we will be launch- ing a pilot program with PSS to help ed- ucate single moms on how to have financial success. These are such amaz- ing moms (and dads) that are really just looking for a hand-up, not a hand-out. We also plan to start a LIFT Junior Board this year with local high school students from surrounding schools as an outlet for these kids to be able to give back to their communities. MEET CHRIS VIZZI n Partner and Co-Founder of South Coast Investment Advisors

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