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Monarch BeachComber - WINTER 2018

Monarch Beach Golf LInks in Orange County

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Monarch BeachComber • Winter 2018 proMotions Why does LIFT keep coming back to Monarch Beach? The best thing about Monarch Beach Golf Links has to be the people that work there. Golf tournaments are not easy to put on, in fact, it's probably the hardest thing that I do all year. No matter how stressful it has been leading up to the event, day of always runs smooth. These guys are pros and a big reason why the LIFT tournament continues to get better every year. I guess playing golf at one of the most beautiful courses on the planet isn't too shabby either! u u u What types of leadership roles have you taken on? As a Partner and Co-Founder at South Coast, today we work with close to 200 families on protecting and building their wealth. My clients look at me as their personal CFO, their go-to for all financial decision making, a position that comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. We now also have five licensed advisors at South Coast along with support staff and offices in Newport Beach, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. I get to help other advisors with brand- ing, marketing and events as South Coast continues to expand. It's been really fun to work on Provizion with my two younger brothers, balancing their enthusiasm with my experience has put us in a really good posi- tion for success. My sister is also an advisor with South Coast, which is really incredible when I sit back and think about it. Getting to work with all of my sib- lings is such a blessing, and we all still like each other! u u u Any other undertakings? Educator. My goal is not just to manage my clients' money but teach them how to be better investors. We continue to host nearly 50 educational meetings per year in addition to the Economic Summits that have gathered a significant following to develop a more in- formed investor. Philanthropist. Legacy planning is something that is very important to me and a topic that I get to speak about almost daily with my clients. One of the ways I measure success is not by how much money someone has but by how much they have been able to help oth- ers. I started LIFT before I really began to have any success because I knew that if we did make it, I wanted to be able to pay it forward. We ask our clients all the time what they want their legacy to be. I hope mine is one that my children will be proud of. Personal CFO. Taking on the role of personal CFO with my clients means that I am deeply involved in their life decisions. In doing so, clients really become family. I realize that I play a very important role in their lives and that is not something that can be taken for granted. I have the responsibility of putting them in the best position for success and look forward to continuing to steer them in the right direction. Relationships. If you want to be successful sur- round yourself with successful people. I realized very early on in my career that there was always going to be someone out there smarter and more talented than I am. What I've been really successful at doing is recog- nizing those people and surrounding myself with them. Hopefully some of that talent rubs off. ....................................................................................... CLICK HERE to get in touch with South Coast Investment Advisors, or call (877) 922-7242. CLICK HERE to view all disclosures. Family time at Monarch Beach Golf Links. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SOUTH COAST INVESTMENT ADVISORS.

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