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WHILE WE'RE YOUNG! > C L I C K H E R E F O R C O M P L E T E D E TA I L S O N M O N A R C H B E A C H ' S PA C E O F P L AY P R O G R A M S M onarch Beach is serious about picking up the pace of play. With its Express Lane Tee Time initiative, in effect until 9 a.m. each morn- ing, players sign a pledge agree- ing to play in four hours or less. Golfers who don't think they can finish within four hours are advised to wait until after 9 a.m. to tee off. The 5 Hour or Less Pace of Play Guarantee in effect after 9 a.m. assures golfers their round will not take more than five hours due to slow play ahead of them. If that happens, their next round is complimentary. "Pace of play is one of the hot topics at every course across America and everybody is trying to figure out how to fix it," said Junior Sperazza, the course's Director of Sales and Marketing. "Every course has to get creative and use its own tools to fix it." Sperazza said when the eco- nomic downturn hit in 2008, fewer peo- ple had the time, or disposable income, to play golf. And when they did, they didn't want to get wrapped up in a round all day. And that is still the case. "Time is valuable, so we thought it made sense to assure golfers that they can play a round as fast as possible," he said. "Basically, if you come in after your round and tell us you didn't play within five hours because the group in front of you was playing slow and not being monitored by course marshals, you'll receive a rain check." And how many golfers have received that rain check in the first month of the program? None. "We're getting great feedback, from both members who play on a daily or weekly basis and people just dropping in," Sperazza said. "They're noticing they're playing faster and people around them are enjoying it far more." BuIlT FOR SPEED Monarch Beach's pace of play programs offer exciting alternatives for those who like to keep moving YOU OUGHTA KNOW 7 WAYS TO PICK UP THE PACE F rom the staff at Monarch Beach, here are seven ways to get around the course in less than five hours: 9 Play ready golf. 9 Have your yardage, golf club and preferred shot shape predeter- mined before your turn. 9 Park your golf car on the side of the green closest to the next tee. 9 Minimize searching for golf balls and keep one in your pocket for emergency use. 9 For rules is- sues, drop and play a second ball and seek out a golf professional after your round to help you find the applicable rule. 9 Gimmies are good, mulligans are bad! 9 Plan ahead for food and beverage and don't have a "lost ball" at the Monarch Cafe! CLICK FOR MORE PACE OF PLAY TIPS FROM THE USGA BOOK A TEE TIME

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