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Monarch Beach Golf LInks in Orange County

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THE COURSE 2 / Monarch BeachComber • Summer 2017 H aving consistent turf conditions even as the seasons change is the hallmark of any top course. That is why Monarch Beach Golf Links will now feature Bermuda grass year-round through the tees, fairways and rough, begin- ning with the fairways and most tees this year and the re- mainder of the turf by the end of next summer.. Most courses will overseed in the fall with rye grass and promote warm-weather Bermuda in the summer. But Super- intendent Dan Miller, who spent seven years at Riviera Coun- try Club before arriving at Monarch Beach a couple of years ago, said the move to year-round Bermuda will enhance the on-course experience for players – as well as the local ecology. "The transition from rye grass to Bermuda following over- seed generally did not provide players with optimal condi- tions during the subsequent seasons, "Miller said. "Our course management team identified the opportunity to pro- mote our aggressive variety of Bermuda grass throughout all seasons providing excellent conditions to players no matter what time of the year they visit Monarch Beach Golf Links." Miller said that eliminating the overseeding process has GROUND CONTROL Monarch Beach Golf Links is taking a fresh approach to year-round turf conditions C O N T I N U E D ›› Monarch Beach is converting to Bermuda grass year-round.

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